Painful Research

Mentioned: - Author Samantha Shannon - - kt literary - - The National Memorial for Peace...View Details

Vacation Inspiration

Mentioned: - FaRoFeb Fantasy Romance February - - FaRoFeb October Giveaway - - A Self Publ...View Details

I mentioned a lot of resources this week! - Slightly Dangerous by Mary Balogh - - 7 Figure Fiction by T. Taylor - https://amzn...View Details

A Break Between Projects

- Planet rap by Keatsdidit - - Bookfly Design - - "This Academic Year, I Won’...View Details

Evaluating Feedback

Mentioned – How to Be a Tyrant on Netflix – – Fall of Civilizations podcast – https://fallofcivilizationspodcas...View Details

Pushing Yourself

Reaching new heights, mental strength, and looking forward! Mentioned: - Denver Mountain Guiding - - Turning Point:...View Details

Prioritize Your Busyness

Mentioned: - Wheel of Time trailer - - Les Mis flash mob -  - Dancer in the D...View Details

My recent retreat, staying organized, and owning your process!   The My Imaginary Friends podcast is a weekly, behind the scenes look at the journey o...View Details

The Ups and the Downs

A new release and some sad audiobook news. Mentioned:  - Requiem of Silence is now here! - K. Arsenault...View Details

Revision Chaos

REQUIEM OF SILENCE releases August 17!  My virtual book launch will be Tuesday, August 17, 2021 @ 7pm ET. Fantasy author K. Arsenault Rivera will be j...View Details

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